Sylvia Hiers wins the green

Sylvia Hiers holds the award envelope in the Trenton Branch of the Gilchrist County Public Library System, which is part of Three Rivers Library System. Notice the green books on the shelves in honor of St. Patrick's Day.

Story and Photos
By Jeff M. Hardison
Video by Sharon Hardison
All Copyrights Reserved © March 15, 2019 at 2:09 p.m.
     JEMLANDS --
Sylvia Hiers of Gilchrist County won the $50 cash award and accepted the prize Friday (March 15) in the Winning of the Green Contest, sponsored completely by


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Regional General Hospital
Here is a close-up view of the winning envelope.

In this video, Inky makes the selection of the winner.

Although the QuitDoc ad has since changed, here is an example of what winning contestants found on the Community Page on March 8. Notice Goldy's face replaces the normal cat face.

     Her name was selected by Inky the cat Hardison during a procedure at The Ink Pad where the names of all contestants were spread on the floor for either Inky or Goldy the cat Hardison (and senior mascot of to choose.
     Like the scores of other contestants, this winner qualified by finding the cats faces in various ads.
     Following is a list of the correct answers.
     March 7 - City of Williston - Calendar Page
     March 8 - QuitDoc - Community Page
     March 9 - The Whiz - Leisure Page
     March 10 - Back Door Antiques - Home Page
     March 11 - Buddy & Fred's - Life Page
     March 12 - Camp Valor - Police Page
     March 13 - Wild Hog Race - Business Page
     "I was happy to see so many people enter the contest every day," owner Jeff M. Hardison said. "as is the case in these contests, only one person could win. I appreciate everyone who competed."
     This contest was another part of "Keeping it Fine in Year Nine" as continues to thrive in its ninth year of existence.

First satellite garbage collection
site to start in Levy County

Levy County Solid Waste Director Rod Hastings 2019
Levy County Solid Waste Director Rod Hastings speaks to the County Commission on March 5.

Story and Photos
By Jeff M. Hardison © March 12, 2019 at 1:49 p.m.
     BRONSON –
The Levy County Board of County Commissioners on March 5 unanimously gave Solid Waste Director Rod Hastings directions to start obtaining what is needed for one satellite household garbage collection site.

Levy County Board of County Commissioners
Levy County Commissioner Rock Meeks (left) and County Commission Vice Chairman Matt Brooks

Levy County Board of County Commissioners
County Commission Chairman John Meeks (left) and County Commissioner Lilly Rooks

Levy County Board of County Commissioners
County Commissioner Mike Joyner

     The department director had provided the five-member board with costs for three satellite sites for collection of residential garbage, but County Commissioner Mike Joyner’s idea to try one satellite site first -- rather than three sites -- won the vote.
     Currently, residents take their garbage to the solid waste transfer location between Bronson and Williston, or the people pay commercial collectors such as Waste Pro to deliver their garbage there.
     Championing the effort for site closer to people’s houses is Levy County Commission Vice Chairman Matt Brooks. While all of the commissioners want their constituents to be able to enjoy the benefits of a closer drop-off point for residential garbage, only one is seeing the benefit from this first venture in that regard.
     People in County Commissioner Lilly Rooks district will see the first satellite collection point serving them, and being closer than the transfer station between Williston and Bronson.
     This satellite site is for residential garbage only.
     Hastings on Tuesday (March 12) confirmed that a place known as Eight Mile, which is property owned by the county, will the location of the first satellite solid waste transfer station.
     Eight Mile is about four miles from the turn to go to Shell Mound Park and Campground as a person is heading away from Shell Mound and going toward Fowler’s Bluff on Levy County Road 347.
     For the person driving from Fowler’s Bluff going toward Shell Mound, it is on the left side., about four miles before reaching the turn for Shell Mound.
     There will be bids sought for some equipment, but Director Hastings gave a general view of costs. One compactor costs about $18,500. Two compactors, however, would not cost $37,000 but would cost about $32,000, Hastings said.
     There is economy of scale when buying for three sites versus for one site. The commissioners talked about trying to find a vendor who would give the county a deal, based on a possible promise of buying more in the future.
     Given the cost of steel and other materials has been going up in recent years, it does not seem to match a common-sense test to think a machine will cost less in the future than it costs now.
     The county will need to purchase two 35-yard recycling containers at about $6,500 each, which is about $13,000 total, Hastings said.
     These recycling containers will not be like the current repurposed horse trailers that have been serving the county for years.
     Another cost will be about 50 yards by 70 yards of fence, Hastings said.
     For personnel, Hastings said he plans to hire a part-time worker who will be stationed there three days a week.


Lady Tigers Basketball
State Champions visit
Gilchrist County Rotary Club

Trenton High School Girls Basketball Champions
Seen here at the meeting today (Monday, March 11) are (Bottom Row) Bri Becker (freshman), Amaya Jackson (senior), Taniah Bowers (senior), Tatiyana Jackson (freshman), Calling Harrington (freshman); and (Top Row) Coach Bryant Frye, Savannah Jones (junior), Samarie McHenry (sophomore), Janiyah King (sophomore), Standrea McHenry (senior), Zakyah Frazier (senior), and Trenton High School Principal Cheri Langford.

Story and Photos
By Holly Creel, Rotarian
Published March 11, 2019 at 4:39 P.M.
     TRENTON --
The Rotary Club of Gilchrist County hosted the Trenton High School Lady Tigers Basketball Florida High School Athletic Association Class 1A State Championship Team at the meeting on Monday, March 11 in the Woman's Club in Trenton.

Trenton High School Girls Basketball Champions
The cake

     We had a fantastic turnout of Rotarians who were eager to show these young women how proud we are of their championship title. President Elect Bob Clemons welcomed the players and invited them to read the Four Way Test with us to set a tone of integrity for our meeting.
     Bob Clemons then introduced Coach Bryant Frye who has a most amazing record as a coach. Coach Frye has been the coach for the Lady Tigers for five years and has a 125-15 record for those years. The team has been 54-0 over the past four years and Coach Bryant humbly stated the outstanding record was all due to the girls; it is no wonder these girls are inspired by his coaching! Five of the players have scored over 1,000 points and he noted that Senior Standrea McHenry has scored 1,700 points with 1,000 rebounds.
     He also noted Senior Amaya Jackson had a fantastic year as point guard with a record number of steals. Coach Bryant thanked the community of Trenton for all the support the team has received. He emphasized that the girls never are focused on individual achievements but instead are focused on playing and scoring as a team. He told us how proud he is of them and that he appreciates them very much!
     Senior Standrea McHenry spoke for the team and said how much they appreciated all of the support they have received and what a fun year it has been, even though they worked very hard throughout the year. Principal Cheri Langford was present and applauded this fine group of young women. The team has four seniors that will be graduating but Coach Bryant told us he will be looking for another excellent season next year from the returning players. Currently they are focused on raising funds for championship rings for the team.
     Rotarian Todd Gray commented that Coach Bryant always puts the players first and although he may appear to have a 'hard exterior' (as a former Marine) his devotion to the team is readily apparent. Coach Bryant told us that the Lady Tigers had better fan support than any other team in the championship 1A play-offs. Sophomore player Samarie McHenry was excited to win our 50-50 raffle as a great way to end the luncheon.
     Chef Jason Fuchs of Spring Water Events served a delicious meal of baked ziti with sausage and mozzarella cheese, Alfredo penne pasta with grilled chicken and fig balsamic glaze, Caesar salad, garlic toast, and cookies. The Rotary Club honored the team with a basketball themed cake decorated in orange and black in recognition of how proud we are of them. Congratulations, Lady Tigers!

Women help children
via big dog show-parade

Cedar Key Woman's Club Dog Parade
Some of the many dogs in Cedar Key City Park are seen here.

Story, Photos and Video
By Jeff M. Hardison © March 8, 2019 at 11:59 a.m.
All Copyrights Reserved
     CEDAR KEY --
The Cedar Key Woman's Club hosted a huge dog parade and show Thursday afternoon (March 7), in the city park.

In this splice of two videos, almost every dog is seen in the parade. Due to some different dogs taking time out to stop and sniff, there were spaces during the two rounds of walking around the park.

Cedar Key Woman's Club Dog Parade
Renee Schneck registers her toy poodle Cally to be in the parade.

Cedar Key Woman's Club Dog Parade
Cedar Key Woman’s Club President Katherine Dunlop welcomes everyone.

     The pooch parade turned out to be bigger than anticipated, with 54 dogs competing.
     Jane Moore, one of the Cedar Key Woman's Club members who helped by serving as emcee on Thursday, told that while this was the third dog-oriented civic affair by the club, the women had not done this in consecutive years, and this year’s recipient was different than the previous two canine-themed
     Registration was free, and there were photographers there to capture the moment, for a small fee.
     The Cedar Key Woman’s Club served hotdogs and pupcakes (cupcakes with pawprints on them), and there were wonderful vendors.
     This event raised awareness, and generated money to donate, for Operation Smile, an International program that began in 1982 to repair children’s cleft palates in third world countries.
     This is a cause for which the General Federation of Women’s Clubs in Florida is raising funds this year. The Woman’s Club of Williston recently had one of that club’s members present a program to tell the Rotary Club of Williston about Operation Smile.
     Operation Smile is a nonprofit medical service organization founded in 1982 by Dr. William P. Magee, Jr. and his wife Kathy Magee.
     It is headquartered in Virginia Beach, Virginia. In addition to providing cleft lip and palate repair surgeries to children worldwide, Operation Smile works as a non-governmental organization to reduce the occurrence of cleft lips and palates worldwide; develops ambassadorships to raise awareness of cleft issues; sponsors a world care program for international cases requiring special care; organizes chapters and foundations worldwide to assist countries in reaching self-sufficiency with cleft surgeries; hosts a U.S. care network to assist families in the U.S. with cleft issues and develops and administers worldwide education programs related to cleft issues; and organizes student leadership programs.
     At a recent Williston Rotary Club meeting, one member donated $240, which was enough to help one child with the required surgery.
     The Cedar Key Sewing Group already have sewn and donated more than 50 hospital gowns and bags to this worthy cause. Just $240 will finance a child’s surgery. Proceeds from the Doggie Parade will be sent to this program.
     GFWC Florida is hoping to pay for operations for 1,000 children.

Cedar Key Woman's Club Dog Parade
Teri Brennan (left) stands with Sue Colson after Brennan gives Colson, one of the judges, a gift bag from the Cedar Key Woman’s Club. Dog Parade Judge Molly Jubitz also received a gift bag from the club.

Cedar Key Woman's Club Dog Parade
Sue Colson (left) and Molly Jubitz prepare to judge as they grant a photographer’s request for a photo opportunity.

     This event on Thursday afternoon was the bees’ knees, the cats’ meow and the dogs’ woof.
     For all of the hours that it happened in Cedar Key City Park, none of the 54 dogs fought with any other dog. There were even fewer barks heard in those three or so hours than can be heard in a subdivision where five or six dogs live within earshot of The Inkpad during those same hours.
     Cedar Key Woman’s Club Member Teri Brennan drafted volunteer judges Cedar Key Vice Mayor Sue Colson and Molly Jubitz, who is the manager of the Cedar Key Public Library, to be the judges. Brennan also was alleged to have kept the judges in line.

Cedar Key Woman's Club Dog Parade
Judges are hard at work.

Cedar Key Woman's Club Dog Parade

Cedar Key Woman's Club Dog Parade

Cedar Key Woman's Club Dog Parade
Sola and Donna Bushnell of the Cedar Key Lions Club. Sola won the Most Original Costume title. This dog appears to be a lion in the outfit, and serves as a canine representative of the Lions Club of Cedar Key.

Cedar Key Woman's Club Dog Parade
The Least Obedient Dog Magnum and Emily Colson are seen here at one of the calmer moments of this duo's two laps around the park. Magnum is a powerful dog, and he can direct his walker to a degree.

     Those two women judged 54 dogs and determined about 20 of them earned special dog collar awards, that were designed and created (some on the spot that day) by Jubitz. The dog-tags designed and created by Jubitz, resembled tiny blackboards with silver writing on them for the title of the win.
     Not only was the dog parade a sight to behold, but to watch those two judges make so many rulings within minutes was phenomenal.
     Cedar Key Woman’s Club President Katherine Dunlop welcomed everyone before the start of the parade, which was two laps around the park with a pause in front of the judges’ table. Contestants showed the dog number cards.
     There was a spot on that card to indicate if the dog was a “rescue dog,” adopted from the dog pound.
     The winner of the Good Dog-Best Rescue Dog Award was Callie, who was escorted on a leash held by Bob Piscoura.
     As Dog Parade Judge Colson read that winner’s name, she mentioned this rescue dog had been adopted, and then it was discovered the canine had a hip issue. The Piscoura family sent the dog into surgery for artificial hip placement, and the dog was parading around with all of the other dogs on Thursday.
     Every single dog in the parade won something, although about half got the special tag with a title for their win.

Judy and Dave Treharne hold the certificate for Snoopy the Cat Dog to prove the caged animal's qualifications to participate in a pooch parade.

Cedar Key Woman's Club Dog Parade
The Cat Dog Snoopy is seen through caging. Although this animal is as doggy as the other dogs, it probably was best to keep Snoopy caged during the parade and dog festival.

Cedar Key Woman's Club Dog Parade
The Canis Felinis award and tag went to a Cat Dog, which was pulled in a marked cage by owners Judy and Dave Treharne. That cat dog is named Snoopy. People are warned of the ferocity of this beast, which is also noted to be the Purr-Fect Dog.

     There was one Canis Felinis award and tag that went to a Cat Dog, which was pulled in a marked cage by owners Judy and Dave Treharne. That cat dog is named Snoopy.
     The Most Original Costume title went to Sola, a dog that was escorted on a leash by Donna Bushnell. Sola was dressed like a lion and the dog wore the Cedar Key Lion’s Club outfit, which is worn on this dog’s official missions with that club.
     The Least Obedient title went to Magnum, an 8-year-old English Black Labrador Retriever, which was escorted by Emily Colson. Throughout the two laps of the parade, Emily Colson was able to guide the dog, but Magnum often guided his handler too.
     Following is the list of titles and the dogs’ numbers in the parade (although some titles and numbers may be missing or incorrect, this was a fast-paced multiple-awards ceremony). Best Gentle Giant #44; Smallest (And Does Know It) #22; Smallest (And Doesn’t Know It) #24; Best Bad Fur Day #48; Best Mirror Image #37; Least Obedient #53; Most Original Costume #2; Dr. Joan Harn, DVM, Good Dog-Best Rescue Dog Award #34; Born To Ride – Born To Run – Licky Kisser #9; Best Canis Felinis #32; Best Tail Wagger #21; Most Laid Back Cedar Key Attitude #13; Best Vocal Performance #50; Best Golden Oldy #46; Mysterious Heritage #10; and Best Adolescent #14.
     Not counting arbitrary donations or donations for photos, and looking only at the money given by sponsors, this event generated $750 for Operation Smile.

Other photos from the event, including a group shot of most of the winners are seen below.
Dog Parade Cedar Key Woman's Club

Dog Parade Cedar Key Woman's Club

Dog Parade Cedar Key Woman's Club

Dog Parade Cedar Key Woman's Club





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