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Axis of family fun
starts with axes;

Family entertainment center
slated for Crystal River Mall;

Axe throwing, rock climbing, speedy go karts,
mirror mazes and more are planned

Crystal River Mall
Dorothy Dilworth, senior executive secretary to State Rep. Ralph Massullo, M.D.  (R-Beverly Hills, Dist. 34) (on the left) stands with David Perry Jr., owner of Hunter Springs Kayaks and developer of JAM! Entertainment ventures, as does Victoria White, community relations associate in the office of U.S. Rep. Daniel Webster (R-Fla. Dist. 11). The two ladies created a ‘Dan sandwich.’ Among the many other people present, was Crystal River Chamber of Commerce CEO Josh Wooten, and Chamber staff.

Story and Photos
By Jeff M. Hardison © Sept. 15, 2019 at 10:39 p.m.
A member of the Citrus County Board of County Commissioners, the leader of the Crystal River Chamber of Commerce, staff members from state and federal legislators’ offices, a few members of the press and others showed up at the Crystal River Mall late Friday (Sept. 13) afternoon for a tour of the empty space formerly occupied by Kmart.

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Gilchrist County
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Crystal River Mall
This sign was put above the door just before Dave Perry made his announcement inside the former Kmart location at the Crystal River Mall late Friday afternoon (Sept. 13).

     David Perry Jr., owner of Hunter Springs Kayaks, heads a recently formed entertainment group, which seeks the establishment of indoor entertainment for the Nature Coast region.
     In making his announcement Friday, Perry said this is a significant development for the Crystal River Mall, the City of Crystal River, Citrus County and the region.
     This venture, he went on to say, will have a positive impact on the tourism industry as well as providing more options for people of every age to have fun.

Crystal River Mall
David Perry stands in front of some of the huge area he plans to fill with fun opportunities on the ground floor.

Crystal River Mall
A small crowd listens to the developer speak about his plans.

Crystal River Mall
Upstairs, David Perry mentions this as a possible mirror maze location. This photo shows one set of stairs leading up to this part of the structure.

Crystal River Mall
David Perry stands in front of a what is currently a long drop, but which may become a ramp area to make access to the second floor available to disabled visitors. And this could be a zip-line area as well. Also, behind him, might be the future top of a tall rock-climbing structure.

     During the announcements and tour, Perry mentioned that while he has the start-up and financing through phase one, he is receptive to speaking with investors who are interested in providing bridge loans and even investors who want to become part of the company.
     While that is for the future, though, the most immediate agenda shows axe-throwing as the first indoor recreational activity at the proposed huge venue for family fun.
     The future entertainment center is slated to include various activities beyond axe-throwing, which will include rock climbing and in time, center around a massive climate-controlled, indoor go kart track. The karts are electric powered, Perry said, and will be for children 7 years old through adults of any age.
     These karts, he said, will have a top speed of 60 miles per hour.
     Perry started and is the sole owner of Just Amuse Me! Entertainment Group right now, he said, as he provided the “big reveal” on Friday (Sept. 6), The 100,000 square-foot entertainment center goes into the second story, Perry said as he escorted a group of about 20 people through the whole facility – including to the outdoor area that used to be a garden center.
     Perry said this attraction may help improve the concept of Crystal River as a destination. He mentioned that manatees are a draw for people to visit the area. These recreational options he plans to off, Perry said, offer more reasons for people to spend the night in the city of Crystal River.
     Perry, the founder of Just Amuse Me! (JAM!) Entertainment Group LLC, said JAM! Entertainment is developing this concept in phases, with plans to serve the public as early as this fall. The final phase of the entertainment center is scheduled to open to the public by the spring of 2020.
     “We are extremely excited to be able to bring something like this to the City of Crystal River and Citrus County,” Perry said. “It’s going to be huge!”
      He gave his perspective on this new venture as a magnet for visitors.
     “This isn’t something that couldn’t be done in Orlando,” he said. “But if Mom wants to come see manatees, now she will have more ammunition to get the whole family here, right?
     “So, being able to have that opportunity,” he continued, “we feel incredibly privileged to be able to bring that here.”
     Perry said he plans to add air-hockey tables, pool tables, Skee-ball, basketball and some video games scattered through the venue. However, the arcade games are not a major part of the plan, he added.
     After the tour, Citrus County Commissioner Jimmie T. Smith shared his perspective on how this venture will be good for his family.
      Smith who has some physical limitations, due to becoming disabled in the military.
     Smith said his and his wife Vickie’s 12-year-old daughter Gabriella told him the other weekend “Daddy let’s go do something.”
     “My response was, ‘What do you want to do?’” Smith said.
     He said they couldn’t go play sports games, as a result of his disability. Thinking of something to do presented a conundrum.
     After JAM! Entertainment brings these activities to fruition, this will improve the quality of life in the area -- as far as fun options for everyone.
     “We can do things like he described here today,” Smith said. “Drive a go cart. I can do that. So, it is going to provide more opportunities, and not just for tourists, in this county.”

Crystal River Mall
Citrus County Commissioner Jimmie T. Smith shakes hands with David Perry, developer of a family entertainment center and owner of a kayak business.
     Perry said the ax-throwing section of the development will be the first to open. In 30 to 60 days, Perry intends to have people throwing axes at this site.
     The last phase of the development, Perry said, will be the electric-powered speedy go karts.
     As people looked at the false ceiling of the old Kmart store, one person asked if the ceiling would be removed for rock climbing. Perry then took the group on a tour to the second floor where he showed three sets of stairs leading up there.
      One new aspect he mentioned beyond those in the advance for this event was mirror mazes. Another idea is for an annual ice-skating event, he said.
     While he mentioned a “final phase,” Perry said he has 20 more ideas for expansion. Another concept he mentioned was helicopter rides from the heliport outside.
     There are plans to have separate rooms, including a VIP room for parties. Among the other potential bits of enjoyment at this future site will be an upscale restaurant.
     The potential exists in the not-so-distant future, Perry intimated, for a guest to arrive by helicopter and be provided a set of fun activities while being escorted or guided by an employee assigned to that special guest.
     During Perry’s lengthy question-and-answer session and tour, Linda Sojka, a business owner in the mall, thanked him for starting this venture there. Sojka owns RSVP Marketing.
     Meanwhile, a walk through the mall shows Rural King has attached itself to the benefit of shoppers and mall owners. The other big draw is the Regal Cinema movies. With Crystal River vehicle traffic being a little less congested than Gainesville or Ocala, those movie theaters have an advantage.
     There are hair stylists, people who give massages and pedicures and manicures, and there are tattoo artists in business there. There are some food vendors. One shoe repair professional specializes in orthopedic shoes, and his shop is at the mall.
     The Crystal River Mall has plenty of space for lease.
     In 2013, JCPenney closed. In 2014, Belk closed. Also, in 2014, Also, Rural King bought the closed Sears anchor and opened its store. In April of 2017, Kmart closed.
     When asked if Perry thought his future venture would bring more retailers to the mall, he answered in the affirmative.
     During his talk with people on Friday, Perry said he would like to see all of the mall business owners get together to increase their efforts as a cohesive unit.
     And so, visitors who come to Crystal River to see manatees, soon may be able to enjoy throwing axes, climbing on rocks, riding in go karts, discovering the way out of a mirror maze and much more – all at the Crystal River Mall.
     It will take time, though. The first phase, Perry said, is axe throwing.


New device used to save lives
Chiefland Florida CPR
Seen in action Monday night (Sept. 9), the Chiefland City Commission comprised of (from left) Vice Mayor Tim West, City Commissioner Rollin Hudson, Mayor Chris Jones, City Commissioner Donald Lawrence and City Commissioner Norman Weaver lead the city. During this meeting, the Commission unanimously chose to keep Mayor Jones Vice Mayor West in their respective posts of leadership of the City Commission. Jones, Hudson and Weaver took the oath of office that night, too; hence, the vote to decide who is mayor and vice mayor of that Commission.

Story and Photos
By Jeff M. Hardison © Sept. 13, 2019 at 8:39 a.m.
The Chiefland Fire Rescue Department is using a new tool to help save lives, and they have had occasion to put it into action at least a couple of times as of the Monday night (Sept. 9) meeting of the Chiefland City Commission.


Chiefland Florida
This still photo, taken from the March video created by of the device in action, shows it compressing the chest of a mannequin that is used to teach CPR.

     This automated, mechanical chest-compression device conducts cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) on adult patients in that type of distress.
     To see the story published in March, including the video of this robotic CPR machine being demonstrated, click HERE.
      Chief James Harris found another unanimous vote of approval Monday night in regard to this lifesaving device, after Vice Mayor Tim West made a motion, seconded by City Commissioner Norman Weaver, to accept the $2,500 Florida Municipal Insurance Trust Matching Safety Grant.
     The total cost of the CPR robotic ARM is $12,402.50, according to records. After the FMIT grant, the total cost to the city is $9,902.50, according to records.
     After the regular meeting Monday night, this set of municipal leaders conducted a tentative millage and budget hearing in regard to the budget that takes effect Oct. 1.


DCSO adds eight more suspects
to ongoing drug busts

By Jeff M. Hardison © Sept. 6, 2019 at 5:19 p.m
The Dixie County Sheriff's Office added eight more suspects to its list of people in an ongoing series of arrests of people who are believed to be selling or possessing drugs, according to information provided in a Friday afternoon (Sept. 6) press release from DCSO Maj. Scott Harden.
     As noted in previous stories, the DCSO worked with the United States Drug Enforcement Agency on some cases originating in Dixie County, and this federal agency recognized the DCSO for its excellent service in the war on drugs.
     An investigation has been ongoing for the past several months and has already led to several arrests along with three federal indictments, Harden noted on Friday (Sept. 6).
     Tuesday and Wednesday nights (Sept. 3 and 4), DCSO deputies served additional arrest warrants involving the sale of illegal drugs during the course of this investigation that has been going on for months, Harden said.
     Deputies served these warrants on eight more suspects those two nights, he said.
     Some of these individuals were arrested for allegedly selling methamphetamine, various opioids and other illegal drugs, according to the information in the press release.
     At the time of their arrests, some of the suspects were found to be in possession of illegal drugs and/or drug equipment, Maj. Harden added.
     One of the additional counts of possession resulted when deputies found a syringe loaded with methamphetamine and Dilaudid hidden in the suspects “slushy.” A slushy is also known as a slush, a slushee, or a slushie, it is a beverage that is flavored ice.
     Dilaudid is a medication that contains hydromorphone in a long-acting form. It is used to help relieve severe ongoing pain. Hydromorphone belongs to a class of drugs known as opioid analgesics, according to information from pharmacy websites.
     The eight suspects in the most recent roundup of suspects are shown below:

Dixie County
Rowdy Chance Morris, 30, of Trenton (left) -- two counts of sale of methamphetamine possession of methamphetamine; and Travis Lee Pendarvis, 39 of Old Town -- sale of methamphetamine

Dixie County
Dolores Willoughby, 56 of Old Town (left) -- sale of methamphetamine and possession of a controlled substance; and Roxann Lynn Callahan, 40, of Old Town – sale of a controlled substance (Percocet) (oxycodone/acetaminophen), possession of a controlled substance, and introduction of contraband into a correctional facility.

Dixie County
April Nicole Higginbotham, 40 of Old Town (left) -- sale of a controlled substance (Dilaudid), three counts of sale of methamphetamine, sale of a controlled substance (Xanax- used to treat anxiety and panic disorders), possession of a controlled substance (Dilaudid), and possession of drug equipment; and Brenda Kay Beach, sale of methamphetamine.

Dixie County
Curtis (or Kurtis) Gene Potter (left) -- sale of methamphetamine; and Jay T. Working, 28, of Old Town, two counts of sale of methamphetamine.


Hospital promise
emerges in Chiefland again

By Jeff M. Hardison © Aug. 28, 2019 at 10:39 p.m.
For at least 14 years now, rumors of a hospital being built in Chiefland have continued, and there was some activity by the Florida Agency for Health Care Administration in that regard – which led to nothing more than a sign being erected about a future hospital near Walmart.
     The most recent version of this idea came in a letter from Nature Coast Business Development Council Executive Director David Pieklik.
     In an Aug. 23 letter to Chiefland City manager Mary Ellzey, Pieklik noted that a cardiologist is working with Pieklik to bring a community hospital to Chiefland.
     It would be located in the former building used by Nature Coast  (Citrus County) Hospice, which was formerly a retail outlet for used items, and it was connected to a former deli.
     That location is just south of the medical professionals’ center where Palms Medical Group, Dr. Bill Martin - orthodontist and other interests have their facilities.
     Pieklik asked for a letter of support from the city for the project, and the City Commission unanimously agreed to provide him with a letter of support.
     Historically, the city leaders always have supported a hospital being put in Chiefland.
     Pieklik said the plan is to open a clinic by October and the hospital would be within three years. The doctor is working to secure a loan through the USDA, which would allow the hospital to open sooner, Pieklik said.
      There would be a surgical suite, certain specialists and 10 beds.  About 40 people would be employed when the hospital comes to fruition, Pieklik said.
     Meanwhile, Jason Kennedy, owner of Complete Sleep and Furnishings previously has told the City Commission that an urgent care facility is looking at Kennedy’s former business location near Walmart to open there.
     This April 22 story in explains what Quick Care may do. Click HERE to see that previous story.


Sheriff commends deputies
Dixie County
Sheriff Dewey Hatcher Sr. stands between DCSO deputies Conner Meekins and Tallon Reed as they hold their letters of commendation.

Photo Provided by DCSO Maj. Scott Harden

By Jeff M. Hardison © Aug. 27, 2019 at 10:09 a.m.
     CROSS CITY --
Dixie County Sheriff Dewey Hatcher Sr.  recently presented two deputies with the Dixie County Sheriff's Office with letters of commendation for their work.
     At a recent law enforcement staff meeting, Sheriff Hatcher recognized DCSO deputies Conner Meekins and Tallon Reed for their actions on the night of Jan. 26.
     Both men received a “Letter of Commendation” for their actions that night.
     When they responded to a call for help in regard to a home invasion at a residence in Old Town, they did their duty to protect lives.
     Upon arrival at the scene, they quickly removed the female victim from the home and secured her safely in a patrol car, DCSO Maj. Scott Harden noted in a press release regarding these letters of commendation.
     While the deputies were doing this, they learned that the female victim's husband had been attacked and beaten by the intruder, Maj. Harden said.
     Meekins and Reed then reentered the home and began moving toward the rear of the home where the attack occurred, Harden said. While doing so, Harden said, the intruder came out of a room and pointed a handgun at the two deputies.
     The deputies exchanged gunfire with the intruder, Harden said. The intruder was struck by the gunfire and incapacitated allowing them to take him into custody, Harden said.
     The deputies began rendering aid to the male victim, Harden said, although he ultimately died from the injuries he suffered during the attack.
     Sheriff Hatcher's commendation read as follows:
     "Letter of Commendation
     "The purpose of this letter is to formally and publicly recognize and commend you for your actions on January 26, 2019 as documented in incident number 19S00792.
     "The bravery you demonstrated and the heroic actions you took in this incident to rescue and aid the victims were commendable. You took these actions while placing yourself in imminent personal danger knowing the personal risks to yourself. Were it not for your quick thinking in determining a method to perform these actions and then the bravery to carry out these actions, the event could have certainly led to the additional loss of life.
     "Thank you for your service to the citizens of Dixie County and for representing the Dixie County Sheriff’s Office in an exceptional manner."



Citrus County sheriff
involved in fatal crash

By Jeff M. Hardison © Aug. 22, 2019 at 3:39 p.m.
* Updated Aug. 24, 2019 at 11:19 a.m. Next of Kin Notified
Citrus County Sheriff Kenneth M. "Mike" Prendergast, 62, of Inverness was involved in a fatal traffic accident Wednesday night (Aug. 21), according to information from the Florida Highway Patrol and the Citrus County Sheriff’s Office.
     The sheriff was driving a 2017 Chevrolet Tahoe at 9:10 p.m. on Aug. 21 in Hernando County, according to information in a press release from Florida Highway Patrol Sgt. Steve Gaskins, based on information from crash investigator FHP Sgt. C. Everett and homicide investigator FHP Cpl. T. Sleyzak.
     The unmarked CCSO patrol was northbound on U.S. Highway 19, south of Woodland Water Boulevard (just north of Weeki Wachee), in the outside lane, the FHP said.
*    Ronnie Anthony Heath, 59, of Brooksville was walking in or across the highway, the FHP said, and entered the path of the vehicle Sheriff Prendergast was driving.
     As a result, the unmarked patrol vehicle hit the man who suffered fatal injuries at the scene of the crash, the FHP said.
     The sheriff was not hurt, the FHP said. He was wearing a seatbelt, the FHP said.
     Information from the CCSO showed Sheriff Prendergast was returning home from a board meeting with the Sheriff's Ranches Enterprises Inc.
     While on scene, the CCSO noted, Sheriff Prendergast cooperated fully with FHP's investigators and submitted to all requested testing, which included a blood draw.
     At this time, the FHP and CCSO noted, preliminary information indicates that alcohol was not a factor for the driver in the collision.


Levy County reminds
people to report flood damage

Published Aug. 22, 2019 at 8:09 a.m.
Levy County Emergency Management sent a reminder, to Levy County property owners who received damage as a result of the flooding from the past week.
     "We need you to report it!" Assistant Director David Peaton noted, "Levy County is very large, and we are trying to gather enough data to try and get some federal financial assistance for residents, but if you don't report your damage, we may not know that your area has damage."
     The best way to report damages is through the web portal at
     For individuals who cannot report it online, Levy County Emergency Management requests that people call the staff at 352-486-5155 during normal business hours.
     Office hours for LCEM are 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday.


Williston football
teams practice;
serves people at fundraiser

Williston Florida
The JV and Varsity WMHS Football Teams’ players are seen here with some support students, and with Head WMHS Varsity Football Coach Ric Whittington at the right in this photo.

Story and Photos
By Jeff M. Hardison © Aug. 21, 2019 at 2:09 p.m.
All Rights Reserved
The City of Williston was abuzz with activity Tuesday evening (Aug, 20) as the Junior Varsity and Varsity Williston Middle High School football teams practiced, and the Williston Red Devils Marching Band conducted a fundraiser.
     Head WMHS Varsity Football Coach Ric Whittington had both sets of the varsity and junior varsity players group together for a quick impromptu photo opportunity during practice early Tuesday evening.
     The players quickly, completely and unquestionably followed the commands of their coach, which may account for the varsity teams’ 28-18 victory over Lafayette County on Aug. 16. Following instructions, practice and working as one group are two important elements for success of sports teams.

Williston Florida
Red Devils Band Director James Brown is seen after enjoying his meal at BubbaQue’s Tuesday evening. Also, at this table but not pictured is Band Booster President Candice Hilldebrandt, owner  C Hill Photography in Williston.

     Meanwhile, later in that very evening in Williston, some of the 40 to 50 WMHS Red Devils Marching Band worked at BubbaQue’s in Williston during a fundraiser. Under the direction of Band Director James Brown, who is in his second year in that capacity, musical performers were food service support personnel.
     The musicians bused tables, cleaned tables and delivered drinks to customers at BubbaQue’s. For their work, the restaurant gave the band 15 percent from the checks paid when the customer mentioned the band.

Williston Florida
Alexis Jakobsen, 13, alto saxophone player, and Emily Yount, 13, clarinet player, stand outside BubbaQue’s in Williston on Tuesday evening urging people to dine there as part of a fundraiser for the WMHS Band.

Williston Florida
Olivia Nussel, 14, clarinetist, carries drinks to diners at BubbaQue’s in Williston on Tuesday evening as she works to help raise funds for the school band.

Williston Florida
Gunnar Maguire, 14, a trombone player in the WMHS Red Devils Marching Band carries a lot of glasses after busing a table at BubbaQue’s. Maguire was among the many band students helping to raise money for the young musicians this year.

Williston Florida
Beau Hilldebrandt, 14, a clarinetist who plays other instruments as well, is seen cleaning at table at BubbaQue’s. Beau, the son of Band Booster President Candice Hilldebrandt, was among the many student musicians helping the band. A couple of the many other students not photographed in action that night are Michael Stark, 15, trombone player, and Matthew Stark, 14, trumpet player. Their dad Nick Stark, a former band director and current Band Booster member, was present Tuesday night. Their family has a long lineage of players and leaders in the WHS Band history.


More roads close;
Motorists ignore signs;
Cedar Key School is closed tomorrow

Levy County
These are some of the signs that Levy County Road 347 is closed going west from Fowlers Bluff

Story, Photos and Video
By Jeff M. Hardison © Aug. 18, 2019 at 6:09 p.m.
Updated Aug. 18, 2019 at 6:49p.m.
All Rights Reserved
-- A riding review of roads closed in Levy County showed at 3 p.m. Sunday (Aug. 18) that Levy County Road 347 at Fowler's Bluff was closed going toward Cedar Key.
     Some Levy County school bus routes are abbreviated, Levy County Emergency Management Assistant Director David Peaton noted in an email at 4:35 p.m.
     Due to significant rainfall and localized flooding in the Cedar Key and Yankeetown areas, Peaton said, a few buses will be running a slightly abbreviated route on Monday and Tuesday (Aug. 19 and 20).
     Cedar Key School is closed tomorrow (Aug. 19).
     Drivers will contact parents in flooded areas who may need to deliver their students to the nearest main road or designated stop where they can be picked up.
     Again, this will only be in the Cedar Key and Yankeetown attendance zones, and all buses in those zones will not be impacted.
     Anyone who realizes that their street is significantly flooded and may present problems for the bus, is asked to please call the bus driver prior to the morning route to confirm if there are adjustments, Peaton said. 
     Rain is continuing for much of west and south Levy with some areas still seeing heavy rainfall.
     "We can expect flooding issues to continue or even get worse," Peaton said. "Otherwise, much has remained the same. A list of road closures is on our homepage at"

Levy County
This sign on the east side of the community of Fowlers Bluff lets people know beforehand that they will need to turn around if they are thinking of driving on CR 347 west toward the Lower Suwannee National Wildlife Refuge or farther west.

Levy County
The Levy County Public Safety Department Fire Station in Fowlers Bluff has some water standing in front of one of the vehicles parked there.

In this video, water is flowing north under the CR 347 roadway as it goes to the Suwannee River. Then, the video shows where the water is entering to go under the road.

Video By Jeff M. Hardison © Aug. 18, 2019

Levy County
Marty Griffin of the Levy County Road Department is one of the many people who do not normally work Sundays, but was called in as a result of flood conditions.

Levy County
This rapidly flowing water travels under Levy County Road 347 on the west end of Fowlers Bluff. An unmistakable smell indicates that not every septic tank upstream may be working at 100 percent. This is the view of the southern flow going under the road.

Levy County
This rapidly flowing water travels under Levy County Road 347 on the west end of Fowlers Bluff. This is the view of the northern flow going under the road and into the Suwannee River at Fowlers Bluff.

Levy County
State Road 345 at Rocky Hammock, looking south toward State Road 24, shows it is marked as a road to not travel due to the danger of water crossing the road and sweeping a vehicle off the road.

Levy County

Levy County
Motorists drive oblivious to the potential of flowing water across Levy County Road 347 between SR 345 and U.S. Highway 19, as they are in-between two sets of signs warning that water is crossing the roadway.

     State Road 345 at Rocky Hammock showed it was closed going southbound toward State Road 24, which leads to Cedar Key.
     "Road Under Water" signs going east on CR 347 from SR 345 (Carter's Crossroads) were ignored by some motorists.
Due to continued heavy rains across Northeast Florida, the Florida Department of Transportation has announced additional road and lane closures in Taylor and Levy counties.
     At 1 p.m. Troy Roberts, communications specialist with the Florida Department of Transportation announced that as of Sunday morning, State Road 51 in Steinhatchee (Taylor County) at Second Avenue is closed due to water on the roadway. The detour route utilizes Third Avenue, 14th Street, and First Avenue.
     Additionally, State Road 500 (U.S. Alt. 27) in Levy County has a westbound outside lane closure between County Road 32B and the County Road 339 intersection, Roberts said.
     The State Road 24 road closures – between Otter Creek and Rosewood, and between Bronson and Otter Creek – that were announced Friday continue to remain in effect, Roberts said.
     Crews remain onsite and monitoring water levels on those and nearby roadways, Roberts said.
      In Dixie County, according to Lt. Mandy Lemmermen, Public Information Officer with Dixie County Emergency Services, at this time, South 349 Highway starting at 346 Highway, is still closed to non-residents of the Town of Suwannee and all affected areas.
      The Dixie County information line is open for any questions you may have, Lemmermen said.
      The number is 352-498-1464, Lemmermen said.
     We ask that you please avoid driving in any affected areas that may have water over the roadway for your safety, Lemmermen said.
     Per the Dixie County School Board, all Dixie District Schools will be open tomorrow (Monday, Aug. 19). All questions or concerns can be directed to school officials.



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Sandra Wilcox (left) and Angie Acevedo pause for a moment before singing the Jingle on Thursday evening (June 11) in the lobby of The Chief Theater in Chiefland. These two performers accommodated at photographer-videographer as he assured the picture-taking machine (Canon EOS Rebel T6) was in focus. Wilcox and Acevedo are both assistant directors working with Director Rebecca Locklear on the play School House Rock Live Jr
Watch the video below to hear this duet sing the jingle -- in one take! There are photos and a story about the children's performances, which are set for two weekends on the LEISURE PAGE.
Photo by Jeff M. Hardison © July 12, 2019 at 9:39 a.m.

115th Set of Jingle Performers

Sandra Wilcox (left) and Angie Acevedo sing the Jingle on Thursday evening (June 11) in the lobby of The Chief Theater in Chiefland. Wilcox and Acevedo are both assistant directors working with Director Rebecca Locklear on the play School House Rock Live Jr. If you want to sing the jingle, just let Jeff M. Hardison know or send an email to He asks people to sing it, too, and some of them agree to sing it. (Thanks people!)
Published July 12, 2019, at 9:39 a.m.

© Video by Jeff M. Hardison, All Rights Reserved


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