Collier County Woman
Wins 4 Play Tickets

Tracey L. Maddox of Bonita Springs won the four tickets to see the play at The Chief Theater. Here is Goldy the cat Hardison making the selection on Thursday (July 24). Remember, there is no need to buy a subscription to see anything on and this website is visible wherever the Internet exists.
Video by Sharon Hardison

BPR Eagles Cheerleaders
slated to meet Thursday
Town's programs keep building
Giving the Town Council two thumbs up is Town Clerk Kelli Brettel. The council members present (from left) are Aaron Edmondson, Franklin Schuler, Beatrice Roberts and Bruce Greenlee.

Story and Photo

By Jeff M. Hardison © June 22, 2014
     BRONSON -- The Bronson Parks and Recreation (BPR) Eagles Cheerleaders coaches and parents are scheduled to meet Thursday at 6 p.m. in the Dogan Cobb Municipal Building, in Bronson, BPR Director Curtis Stacy said Monday night (June 21) during the regular Bronson Town Council meeting.
     The Town Council continues helping staff improve its parks and recreation facilities, including a planned $1 million community center.
     BPR Director Stacy said the BPR Eagles Soccer Team coaches, parents and anyone who is interested in helping as an assistant in the BPR programs are meeting on Thursday evening too as everyone prepares for the coming season of cheerleading, soccer, flag football and contact football. Stacy welcomes people who want to assist in the programs.
     Cheerleading is for girls aged 5 to 12 years old. It costs $75 per child, and the training and uniforms are included.
     Soccer is for boys and girls aged 5-12. That sports team participation costs $40, and the jersey and shorts are provided, Stacy said.
     Flag football is for boys aged 5-8. The cost is $40 and includes jersey and shorts.
     Contact football is in three age divisions of boys. The ages are 7-8; 9-10; and 11-12. The cost is $75 for each player. Each player gets a helmet, shoulder pads, a jersey and pants.
     Director Stacy said there are already 24 children in conditioning for the football season. They are doing this each Tuesday and Thursday. In each of the sports, players are learning the rules of the games, strategies to apply, the value of being part of a team, how to play while showing good sportsmanship and the importance of practice before games are played.
     Parents are urged to register children as soon as possible. Practice officially starts on Aug. 1. If anyone has a question about the Bronson Parks and Recreation programs, they are asked to call Curtis Stacy at Town Hall at 352-486-2354, extension 3.
     Also on Monday night, Stacy told the Town Council that Levy County Commissioner John Meeks is helping secure county funds to help pay for swings and crawl space. The Town Council gave Stacy orders to seek finding the cost for constructing a nature boardwalk, although this is not a bid-seeking venture yet.
     A bicycle track that was tentatively moving forward at the park was put on a back burner until some other projects and approval from the Florida Department of Environmental Protection is complete.
     At the urging of Bronson Town Clerk Kelli Brettel, the four Town Council members present on Monday night -- Mayor Franklin Schuler, Vice Mayor Beatrice Roberts, and councilmen Bruce Greenlee and Aaron Edmondson -- agreed to conduct a workshop at James H. Cobb Park on Aug. 21 at 5 p.m. Town Councilman Berlon Weeks was absent from the Monday night meeting.
     Brettel said she wants the Council to see where they want to place the community center building, playground equipment and other facilities that are being planned for the park. By having the leaders in the park, they can better visualize the future placement, Brettel said.
     In other public facility news from the Town Council meeting, the $3 million wastewater collection system is continuing to progress.
     In other local economy news, a coin-operated Laundromat has reopened in town.

Levy County man
earns highest scores
at international tournament

Photo Provided

Published July 21, 2013

     ORLANDO -- Retired from the Florida Park Service, John Lohde works at the Super Cool Bike Shop in Gainesville; he’s a substitute teacher at Chiefland High School, and a Master Naturalist Instructor.
     He also runs True Path, his authentic Okinawan karate school. And when that’s not enough, Lohde travels to enter the U.S. Open International World Martial Arts Championships in Orlando.
     Lohde, owner and instructor of True Path Karate Rendokan, in Chiefland, was confident his 40 years of training wouldn’t hurt his chances during his division’s competition. One of the directors of the competition, who had seen Lohde’s previous performances at other competitions, sought him out to greet him and wish him well in the recent competition.
     Some of his students and their parents were seated ringside to cheer him on.
     The stage was set and the time had come to show what the oldest competitor of the tournament could do.
     The highest scores given for the day went to Lohde! He received 9.9 from each of the three judges as well as compliments for his superb kata. For now, the 5-foot tall trophy sits in the window of Lohde’s Chiefland dojo until he brings home the next one.
     For information call 352-221-0048 or drop by his classes on Tuesdays and Thursdays.


By Drinda Merritt
© July 20, 2014

     INGLIS -- The Inglis Sew and Sews met Monday (July 14) at the Inglis Community Center.
     Rosella’s daughter Pam from New Port Richey accompanied her. Pam was working on small purses. Rosella worked on restoring a quilt her mother had made and given to someone, who asked Rosella to restore it.
     Charlene and Carol continued to work on quilts for the Disabled American Veterans. They are discovering that this is a great way to use up the leftover fabrics from there stashes. They also liked making these quilts because they were quick, and after both had worked on large quilts for several months – they found this to be fun and relaxing. Lee worked on reducing the size of some pillows.
     Kathy continued to make good progress on her first quilt. Claudia started sewing the blocks on her quilt together. Rosella found a box of fabric that was needed for Jeannie’s quilt. This was fabric that she had shared with the group two years ago and Jeannie wanted to fussy cut hers and found she did not have enough.
     So Jeannie was extremely happy and set about cutting. Clynn worked on her piecing a quilt. Drinda moved around helping where she could and answered questions regarding the September Quilt-A-Thon. Flyers are going out to shops on Saturday. Drinda also brought in the quilt she finished for a child whose father built him a fire truck bed.
The Fire Truck Quilt is seen here.

THU.  JULY 24  12:07 p.m.
Levy, Dixie, Gilchrist counties

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