Dixie County beats
Newberry in football 38-8

The Color Guard of American Legion Post 383 of Old Town present the new flag it donated to Dixie County High School.

Story, Photos and Videos
By Jeff M. Hardison © Oct. 25, 2014

     CROSS CITY -- The Bears of Dixie County High School soundly defeated the Panthers of Newberry High School Friday night (Oct. 24) as the Bears continued with a 7-0 undefeated season.

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Run102414C      Chiefland lost to Union County 48-13 on Friday night to make their season show a 4-5 record. Chiefland faces Dixie County in Cross City on Halloween (Oct. 31).

State Rep. Keith Perry Tosses the coin before the start of the game Friday night in Cross City.

     Bronson won over Hawthorne on Friday night, 62-36. The Eagles face the Trenton Tigers at Trenton on Halloween. On Friday night, Trenton had its homecoming, and it beat Marianna 51-11, which gives it an 8-1 season with its only loss being to Dixie County.
     The Bell Bulldogs lost to Hilliard, 42-6, making Bell’s record 0-8 for the season.
     In Cross City on Friday night, the game started with a coin toss by State Rep. Keith Perry (Dist. 21). The Panthers won the coin toss.

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Dixie County quarterback Aaron Thomas (#10) is the recipient of a personal foul as shown in this video.

    The home team made three first downs in its first possession and Julian Robinson (#7) scored the first Bears’ touchdown. He also crossed the goal line for a 2-point conversion, making the score 8-0, Bears. One key to t
he Bears first score was an interception by the Bears’ Jontavius Paige (#8).
     The first quarter ended 8-0, Bears and the home team went into the second quarter still on the offense as a result of the Panthers roughing the kicker when the Bears decided to punt on fourth down.
     The start of the second quarter also showed the Panthers giving the Bears another first down after a fourth down, because a Newberry player went off-sides for a 5-yard penalty to help the Dixie County team.
     After a series of downs with the Bears on the offense from the start of the second quarter, including one play where James Horsley (#16) made a 23 yard gain and took it to the Panthers’ 7-yard line, it was James Bowers (#22) running a touchdown, followed by quarterback Aaron Thomas (#10) crossing the goal for a 2-point conversion, making the score 16-0, Bears.
     Panthers made some progress in their next possession, but Quade Locke (#13) intercepted a pass and ran for a touchdown with 6:07 remaining in the first half. Bowers added 2 points in a conversion run and it was 24-0, Bears.
     On the following possession by the Bears, quarterback Thomas got the football to Justin Hodge (#35) who ran for 21 yards to score a first down.
     The next thing the Panthers knew, it was Thomas running across the goal line for a touchdown and Robinson scoring 2 points in a conversion run. It was 32-0, Bears at the end of the half.
     Some of the excitement in the third quarter included Panthers Chirs Washington (#30) intercepting a Bears pass. Within a few plays, though, a fumbled pass from Panthers quarterback Nick Oelrich was recovered by the Bears, which overcame the interception.
     It was Robinson running for the next touchdown with 4 minutes and some second remaining in the third quarter to make the score 38-0, Bears. Newberry scored a touchdown and a conversion in the fourth quarter to make the game 38-8, Bears.
In this video Band
Personal Foul


Bronson Volleyball Brings Awareness
 On Thursday, Oct. 16 the Bronson Volleyball program concluded its Cancer Awareness Fundraiser. The goal this year was to raise $500 in three weeks and to create a banner of survivors and brave warriors who have we have lost to be displayed in the gym for the last regular season game. The Lady Eagles were victorious both on and off the court. All three teams ended the season with victories and they exceeded the goal by more than $100. Proceeds for the fundraiser will be donated to the Light the Night Fundraiser currently being held by the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. Young Kylie Galloway-Nordstrom was the inspiration for selecting the cause this year. The coaches and team pray that her cancer remains in remission, and that she goes on to live a healthy cancer-free life. Support Light the Night Team - Believe Fight Survive! The team notes that it is grateful to everyone who donated and came out to show their support for the team. The team hopes to raise $1,000 with next year. Above, the JV team is seen. The photos of the middle school and varsity players did not transfer via email well enough to be seen.
Text and Photos Provided by Sherrie Schuler

Jet Taxis At Airport
A Cessna 560XL is seen here parking at Crystal River Airport. Jets and planes use the airport that is across U.S. Highway 19 from Arby's. This model of jet can carry a maximum of 12 passengers and two crew members.
It is run propelled by two turbofan engines (jets). The maximum speed is 506 m.p.h., according to information provided from the Cessna site. Like the Williston Municipal Airport, the one in Crystal River sells jet fuel and airplane fuel.
Photos by Jeff M. Hardison

Cedar Key Seafood Parade
In the top photo, is the First Place Winner from the Annual Parade Contest part of the Cedar Key Lions Club Seafood Festival. The Crab Crew are the winners (on their 10th anniversary appearance in the parade), along with winning Best Seafood Costume for Molly Jubitz. There was a tie for Second Place -- Island Arts Spiced Girls and the Cedar Key School Fifth Grade Safety Patrol. Third Place went to Cedar Key School FFA. There was a tie (bottom photo) in 'The Way We Worked Historical' entry. That winning title is shared between Cedar Key Aquaculture Association and the Levy County Visitors Bureau, where LCVB Director Carol McQueen is shown here with a vehicle from Tri-County Cruisers. The Parade Marshall was Pam Oakley.

Both Photos by Rory Brennan

Alligator Law Revisions Proposed
The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) incorporated many of the public comments it received into an updated version of the draft alligator-related Florida Statutes and has a new summary document available for viewing. These draft proposals will be presented to the FWC in November for its consideration. If the FWC approves the draft legislation, it will be presented to the Florida Legislature for its consideration during the 2015 legislative session. To view the revisions, click HERE. Anyone may submit comments on these draft statute change proposals to Harry Dutton at Harry.Dutton@MyFWC.com.
Photo Provided by FWC

CF students present
Mother Hicks Oct. 22-26

Published Oct. 8, 2014
     OCALA --College of Central Florida Theatre students will present “Mother Hicks” at 7:30 p.m. Oct. 22-25, and at 3 p.m. Oct. 26, in the Dassance Fine Arts Center at the CF Ocala Campus, 3001 S.W. College Road, Ocala.
CFtheater100814     Set in and around Ware, Illinois, during the Great Depression, “Mother Hicks” is a play about three outsiders — a foundling girl, a deaf boy and an eccentric recluse, Mother Hicks, who is suspected of being a witch.
     The tale, told with poetry and sign language, chronicles the journeys of these three to find themselves, and each other, in a troubled time. The Saturday, Oct. 25, performance will be interpreted for the deaf.
     CF Assistant Professor of Visual and Performing Arts Rob O’Brien said the production is a great fit for student actors.  
     “Mother Hicks is about discarded people and how we treat each other,” O’Brien said. “I have challenged our set design team to create the world of Mother Hicks from all discarded items. The actors must tap into a time when they have not felt included in their lives. This show has so much heart. It is one of my favorites and everyone is having such a great time.”
     Tickets for the show are $12 for adults and $6 for non-CF students. CF students, faculty and staff receive free admission to the show with CF ID. For information and tickets, call 352-873-5810 in Marion County, or 352-746-6721, ext. 5810, in Citrus County. To purchase tickets online, click HERE.

SUN.  OCT. 26   12:07 a.m.
Levy, Dixie, Gilchrist counties

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